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85 Days 'Til Christmas

85 Days 'Til Christmas

It sometimes seems like there are only two parts of the year; Christmas and the time we spending planning for Christmas. To ensure we have a full selection of festive treats, puddings, cards, crackers, gift wrap and the varied paraphernalia essential to a traditional Christmas celebration, we order an incredibly long time in advance. Whilst the big day may seem a long way off, believe us when we say “it’s really not.” We are already receiving our first deliveries of Christmas products and the Xmas goodies will keep on arriving until December…

This winter season we will be receiving a full complement of luxury Tom Smith crackers, Christmas cards and gift wrap (amongst other things). There will be a large variety of Matthew Walker Christmas puddings. Our confectionery shelves will be stacked with holiday-specific chocolate and sweeties, like Cadbury Puds, Dairy Milk Selection packs, chocolate Santas, classic sweet boxes and tins of Roses. There will be turkeys, cranberry sauce, stuffing, brandy sauce, sprouts, fruit cake mixes… essentially all the things you would expect around this time of year. As usual, there will be a limited stock. This is partly because we try to buy exactly the right amount for our usual demand (to reduce unnecessary wastage) and partly because only a finite amount of Christmas products are manufactured on any given year. Keep up to date with what’s landing at The Trading Post, and make sure you get everything you need, by keeping an eye on our Christmas products page.

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