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Changes to Haute-Vienne Collection Points

Changes to Haute-Vienne Collection Points

There have recently been a few changes to our free collection points in the Haute-Vienne departement (83). Our long-standing delivery options in Le Dorat and Rançon have been stopped for good. However, like a phoenix from the flames, a brand-new collection point has arisen in Oradour-Saint-Genest and you may find it a little familiar...

Until a couple of months ago, our friends at Chloébelles Cake Boutique & Salon de Thé have been running one of The Trading Post's most popular collection points, allowing customers from the surrounding area friendly and convenient access to all our great British and International goods. In an exciting move, they have 'upped sticks' and moved to a beautiful new restuarant in Oradour-Saint-Genest, about 20 minutes away. As a result, The Trading Post will now be taking orders for Chloébelles - Cakes & Bistro in Oradour, with delivery still every four weeks. Although this marks the end of collection point delivery to Rançon, we hope that our regular trips to the new collection point in Oradour-St-Genest or, alternatively, our time-honoured drop-point in Bellac (15 minutes away) will more than make up for its absence.

Due to the very close proximity of Oradour-St-Genest to Le Dorat (<6km), the latter has also been permanently knocked off our list. However, we hope that the increased flexibility of collection (and great service) at Chloébelles makes the short trip more than worthwhile.

There are currently no planned changes to our collection points in the other Haute-Vienne towns: Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, Bellac, Eymoutiers, Saint-Junien, Champsac or Bussière-Poitevine, so hopefully these changes will not cause too much inconvenience and maybe even give you a good reason to take the drive up to Chloebelles in Oradour Saint Genest...

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