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Freezer Bags

Have you opened a large packet of food (like bacon, baked beans or blueberries) but don't want eat it all right now? Have you made far too many brownies, mince pies, homemade burgers or chocolate-chip cookies? Why not use freezer bags? Freezer bags are small bags that you can fill with assorted surplus ingredients or leftovers, so you can freeze them for later use. Each pack contains 100 of these handy bags and, as an added bonus, useful wire ties to seal them shut. No longer will you need to pour vegetable soup directly into your freezer compartment (never do that) or find cermaic cups full of sweetcorn at the bottom of your chest freezer (surely that doesn't happen). But freezer bags are not restricted to freezers, you can put them in the fridge, use them to carry a sandwich to work or implement them in various other exciting and practical ways. Avoid general disappointment, get some freezer bags today! To clarify, these are bags to put in the freezer, rather than bags to put a freezer in (just in case).
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